FLIP BAND Tech-Free Wearable (2-Pack)

$ 19.99

$ 19.99

One day, I realized that despite having 3 reminders set on my phone to “do pushups & take vitamins,” I STILL WASN’T DOING IT. Turns out a lot of people have something they wish they did more often but don’t. So I decided to use my 10 years of design + behavior change experience to come up with a solution. Soon afterwards, FLIP BAND was born.

FLIP BAND is a wristband you wear as a reminder to do a goal of your choice, whether that’s exercising, meditating, or just taking your vitamins. The act of wearing the band alone already makes it close to impossible to forget your goal, but here’s the cool part... it’s double-sided, and you only get to flip it to its green ‘feel good’ side after you reach your goal for the day. FLIP BAND seems very simple, but it leverages a wealth of learnings from behavioral psychology and operant conditioning to effectively increase your chances of sticking to your goals in the long-term.

FLIP BAND is the simplest way to stick to any goal. 

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Current ship date: Spring 2015


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